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March Writing Challenge Day 1: “The Heist”

☼ Happy March! ☼

So as I mentioned before, me and the marvelous Taylor are undergoing a 30-day writing challenge for the month of March! We’re starting a little late (college is busy) but I am super excited to share what I write with y’all. Basically, every day/evening we will write a short story or poem (after homework and practicing, of course) based off a different prompt among a collection imagined by me and Taylor in the past month. These prompts range from three objects which must be included, to opening/closing lines, to even famous paintings or songs. Our writing projects are only lightly edited and hastily written, but I think this adds to the beauty of such a challenge; how creative or impactful can you make a short, quick story or poem based off a random prompt every day? The goal is to have 30 pieces of original work for this whole month, and to keep our creative and innovative minds flowing through the stress of college. I think you will enjoy seeing the different or similar takes Taylor and I will have on the same prompt!

I hope you enjoy my first entry for our March Writing Challenge!

Click here to read Taylor’s entry for the Day 1 prompt, entitled “It Started With A Fish Tank.”


(Side note: Since we are both busy, you might expect to see a few instances where our daily entries are delayed by a few days and posted on the same day instead. For instance, this entry is for Day 1, written on Thursday, March 2nd, although I am quite aware that it is 11 am on March 3. I wrote this late last night. Don’t judge me.)

Prompt for March 2, 2017: Write something with a broken refrigerator, a fish tank, and a “guard” golden retriever.

“The Heist” by Rachel Cernosek

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Let's Talk Books

Let’s Talk Books! Issue #1

The “Let’s Talk Books!” series I’m beginning on this blog is soon going to be full of book reviews and recommendations! But for my first issue, I want to talk about a wonderful gem of a course I’ve stumbled upon and somehow had the blessing to be able to take this semester. A fair warning: this post may seem like it was some kind of required discussion for class. Quite the contrary, actually — I just get really passionate about the things I learn sometimes. I promise this is entirely a voluntary discussion, a product of my nerdy side, and coming solely from the desire to share my thoughts.

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Life Updates

Life Update: Valentine’s Day, BuJo, and Upcoming Writing Challenge! 2.19.17

College is wonderful. Me and two friends are sitting in a two-person hammock as I write this. (Fun, but not comfortable.) I hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend!

I have 3 updates to share with the world. The first is about Valentine’s Day, including a showcase of the wonderfully yummy gifts I received from some sweet family members. Secondly, I’d like to share some pics of my bullet journal spreads from the past few weeks! And thirdly, I have some exciting news about something awesome I am planning on pursuing with one of my best friends next month.

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Life Updates

Life Update: 2.12.17

Ah, the weekend! Luckily for me, many of my classes were cancelled due to TMEA (a state-wide music convention to where many of my friends and professors went this week.) I decided to stay at TCU for my own reasons, mostly to catch up on work and help mitigate some of the stress and commitments that have been piling up on my shoulders the past three weeks.

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Hello, world!

This is me!


This serves as my very first blog post on! My name is Rachel (click here to learn more about me!) I am starting this blog to share all the thoughts and opinions that circulate in my mind about the observable world around me. Some things you may expect to see posted include:

  1. Updates on my musical endeavors. I am a flute performance major and forever a fangirl of all kinds of instrumental music, from Bach to rock (oddly enough, that’s actually the title of a basic music appreciation class here at TCU!)
  2. Snaps of my bullet journal. My bullet journal is how I keep my life organized and my mind flowing with creative juices! I hope to share with you what I put in it each week, to provide inspiration on weekly threads and share tips on what works for me.
  3. Book reviews. I am an avid reader of novels, nonfiction, and (nerd alert) even the information I find in my school textbooks! I hope to share some of my thoughts on here for the world to see, provide reviews and recommendations, as well as give updates on my latest reading indulgences.
  4. Snippets of my own work. I am slowly becoming re-obsessed with the art of writing, may it be poems, short stories, or (as of late) a novel! In time, I will reveal what I am working on, and maybe even give some sneak peaks 🙂

Please enjoy and share what you like!