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March Writing Challenge Day 5: “Winter Flight”

Something I love about music/song prompts for these writing projects is that there is no wrong answer. Not that any of the prompts given have a right or wrong answer by any means, but music is especially interpretive. People can have hugely contrasting ideas, emotions, or memories from the same melody.

For today, I wrote a quick poem inspired by the song which Taylor picked out, which is “Fortress” by Kel. The poem is about a bird in the winter, but it’s also about me 🙂 Just a few things to keep in mind before reading… Firstly, a word on the inspiration behind the poem — I decided to listen more to the song’s melodic and harmonic progressions and the emotions they evoked in me, and less to Kel’s lyrics. Secondly, the form I chose is worth pointing out — each stanza has 3 lines, each of which has 7 syllables, and the last two lines of each stanza rhyme. However, I intended it to be read normally and conversationally, not metered. The form is mainly for organization and my own creative interpretation. I hope you enjoy!

Prompt for March 6, 2017: Song Inspiration from “Fortress” by Kel.


Winter Flight by R.C.

Frosted air through which I soar

Snowflakes catching in my wings

Withstanding summers and springs


These white tufts come trickling down

From gray skies, like angry seas

No evenings are quite like these


But anger is hard to call

In my winter solitude

It is joy which I exude


Joy for breath and joy for light

Shining upon crisp, new thoughts

Destinies and endless plots


Long journey ahead, but still

Look to see how far I’ve flown

Lone to me is not alone.

~ ~ ~

Click here to read Taylor’s post for this prompt!

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