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March Writing Challenge Day 2: “Moments”

I decided to write a freeform poem for this prompt. Check out Taylor’s post for this prompt; I love how differently our two works of writing turned out!

Prompt for March 3rd, 2017: Write something that starts and ends on a beach.

Moments by R.C.

The beach was golden and the water was warm

As it rushed over her tiny painted toes

Seagulls squalled and she shrieked

As her father swooped her off her feet

And they twirled, danced, laughed

As loud as the crashing of green waves.

But sometimes, the most real of moments

Seem surreal at most in retrospect.


The beach was rocky and the water was cold

But her swollen feet were tucked in her shoes

Her peals of laughter have aged into a pensive smile

A lighthouse flashed and she closed her eyes

As her granddaughter rubbed her frail shoulders

And the two stared out into the gray waters.

Suddenly, a moment that once seemed so far away

Is suddenly upon you.

~ ~ ~

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to check out my friend Taylor’s writing entry for this same prompt at her blog! If you would like emailed updates from my blog, please scroll to the top of this page (or go to my homepage) and press the “+Follow” button at the bottom right of your screen to enter your email address. Don’t forget about my bullet journal and hobbies Instagram account, also called turbulentrhapsodies, to see all of my creative and academic endeavors!


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