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Life Update: Valentine’s Day, BuJo, and Upcoming Writing Challenge! 2.19.17

College is wonderful. Me and two friends are sitting in a two-person hammock as I write this. (Fun, but not comfortable.) I hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend!

I have 3 updates to share with the world. The first is about Valentine’s Day, including a showcase of the wonderfully yummy gifts I received from some sweet family members. Secondly, I’d like to share some pics of my bullet journal spreads from the past few weeks! And thirdly, I have some exciting news about something awesome I am planning on pursuing with one of my best friends next month.

1. Valentine’s Day (aka I think I’ve had enough chocolate to last a lifetime)

I love any holiday that gives me an excuse to eat chocolate. Although I would probably still eat chocolate without such an excuse, at least I can somewhat justify my sweet tooth on days like Valentine’s Day.

From my mother: A box of Russel Stover chocolates, an origami heart from a twenty dollar bill, and an Andrew Lloyd Weber CD that belonged to my Poppa.
The sweetest of cards from my Aunt Kim and Uncle Rich!
All these goodies! I am set for the semester, that’s for sure. 🙂

If there’s anything college kids want the most, it’s probably gotta be free stuff, notably food. Thank you to my wonderful family for the awesome gifts! I’m so blessed to have them in my life :’)


2. A glimpse into my world of planning…

Upon thinking about it, this will probably be the first and last formal section on my blog about my bullet journal. Instead, I’m going to fully commit sharing what I create on my Instagram account, also called turbulentrhasodies! But nevertheless, here’s an update on what my weekly spreads have looked like since the semester has started.

The first page of the new year! As you can see, I kind of love the La La Land soundtrack. Also, these Maped Graph’ Peps pens are AMAZING! 
Week One of spring semester. I’m experimenting with new layouts!
Week Two. I’ve started to keep track of different habits and daily procedures, like sleep and practicing! I especially like the Gratitude section I included in this week, but I don’t like how much blank space there is.
Thank you, TCU groundskeepers, for maintaining the beautiful petunia flowerbeds all around the school and thus providing a great backdrop to my Week Three spread! The quote here is from the book In The Afterlight by Alexandra Bracken.
And here is Week Four and Week Five, each condensed to one page now! This was a lot different than any layout I’ve previously done, but both were extremely efficient and fun! Side note: I promise I’ve practiced more than zero hours today (Sunday), haha… I still have time 😉


3. Some exciting news about my writing endeavors!

I’m a flute performance major I hope that’s clear by now. I love music and want to continue being a part of it (teaching, performing, writing) for the rest of my life. However, I take pride in the fact that I am multi-faceted in my pursuits! I have many interests, and in a life so fleeting and wonderful, it only makes sense to pursue my passions, even if not all of them are strictly music- and flute-related.

That being said, I’ve wanted to be a writer since…well, since I was old enough to write. Ask my mom; there are journals full of 5-year-old ramblings and stories from me and my brother alike. I love fiction, specifically science fiction and fantasy, and more specifically young adult science fiction and fantasy. Since I can remember, I’ve dreamed of one day being a published novelist. While I don’t know when that day will come, I’m in love with writing and the idea of creating stories all my own.

Lucky for me, my bestie Taylor Gaskins shares the same passion! Taylor and I have decided to pursue something cool next month, in March. We are creating our own 30-Day Writing Challenge! Each day, we will create a work of our own, be it a short story or poem, given a daily word/image/audio prompt. And by the end of the month, we will have 30 whole compositions entirely our own! Y’all, I am so excited to do this and develop some consistent writing skills. Like flute, the only way I can hope to get better at writing is if I practice a little bit every day.

I’ll be posting more about this as the month approaches, specifically how exactly we plan on going through with this during arguably one of the busiest months of the Spring Semester. (Above all, it’s supposed to be creative and fun, but school and music come first.)

Are you a writer / aspiring writer? Want to join us on this 30-Day Writing Challenge in March? Well, let me know via email!

~ ~ ~

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