Hello, world!

This is me!


This serves as my very first blog post on turbulentrhapsodies.wordpress.com! My name is Rachel (click here to learn more about me!) I am starting this blog to share all the thoughts and opinions that circulate in my mind about the observable world around me. Some things you may expect to see posted include:

  1. Updates on my musical endeavors. I am a flute performance major and forever a fangirl of all kinds of instrumental music, from Bach to rock (oddly enough, that’s actually the title of a basic music appreciation class here at TCU!)
  2. Snaps of my bullet journal. My bullet journal is how I keep my life organized and my mind flowing with creative juices! I hope to share with you what I put in it each week, to provide inspiration on weekly threads and share tips on what works for me.
  3. Book reviews. I am an avid reader of novels, nonfiction, and (nerd alert) even the information I find in my school textbooks! I hope to share some of my thoughts on here for the world to see, provide reviews and recommendations, as well as give updates on my latest reading indulgences.
  4. Snippets of my own work. I am slowly becoming re-obsessed with the art of writing, may it be poems, short stories, or (as of late) a novel! In time, I will reveal what I am working on, and maybe even give some sneak peaks πŸ™‚

Please enjoy and share what you like!


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